Andrew McGregor’s forensic work was invaluable in helping me to defend my innocence. His work was truly comprehensive and compelling; Not knowing why my plane crashed, but being certain that I had acted at all times beyond criticism, I hired Andrew McGregor to determine the cause of the crash and to help defend my innocence against the CAA who had charged me with the criminal offence of “Unnecessary endangerment”. Andrew proved that the crash was caused by a component fracture that had occurred in flight and before the inevitable crash on landing. Forensic science in real life that rivals anything ever shown on a TV who-dunnit. His evidence in court was dynamite. Brilliant!

– Paul Jones, Commercial Pilot.

Andrew is one of the most thorough investigative engineers I have worked with.

– Howard Boseley, CHH Reliability Engineer (Retired)

I have worked with Andrew on a number of forensic assignments.  He understands the urgency of these jobs and is then able to apply his considerable skills so that all parties and the Court can understand his views.  He is a pleasure to work with, producing clear, well reasoned and well presented advice.

-David Connor, Barrister

Andrew McGregor of Prosolve Limited has recently assisted me with the complex accident investigation of an ex military helicopter, following its in-flight break up.

Throughout an investigation which Andrew assisted with, he demonstrated integrity and dependability. He has an inquiring mind and took a systematic approach to the investigation. He was able to communicate his view points clearly and to competently lead discussions as necessary. He competently carried out the specific tasks I assigned to him, and he demonstrated good initiative throughout the investigation.

I have no hesitation in recommending Andrew to anyone considering using his services.

-Ken A. Mathews, Senior Air Accident Investigator ,
Transport Accident Investigation Commission (TAIC)

The philosophy of the Kiwi Co-operative Dairies board was to manufacture all milk on the one site. With the mergers that were occurring, first of all with the Okato and Alton Dairy companies, then with the Moa-Nui Dairy Company and finally with the Tui Dairy Company, pressure was placed on the Kiwi services that were needed to process the ever-increasing volumes of milk. This was the area of Andrew’s expertise. His ideas and leadership were unique. It is all very well to make decisions on the company’s objectives, but to carry them out in such tight time frames is something else.The Energy Centre was relocated and rebuilt. The inadequate amount of wash-water was addressed by capturing the condensate from the powder dryers and using that sterile water for the process. This was a new procedure in the dairy industry, introduced thanks to Andrew’s initiatives.In retrospect, this was a big gamble with the odds stacked against Kiwi finishing the projects. What made the challenge exciting was the complete reliance on the services being finished to be able to process even one litre of milk.That few realised this challenge, is testimony to the justifiable optimism of Andrew McGregor and the confidence the Project Management Team had in him.

-Tom Gibson
Director, Kiwi Co-Operative Dairies Ltd 1976-1997
Director, New Zealand Dairy Board 1985-1997

I believe your open and participative project management style, coupled with your thorough knowledge of the application of these various technologies has been instrumental in expediting these large and complex projects in record time. As a contractor on site, we feel you have always been fair and honest with us, and with the other consultants/contractors who interfaced with our work. This has been often under arduous conditions where time constraints and other factors made it very difficult to operate in an ideal manner.

-Robert De Jong
General Manager Projects, Sabroe Refrigeration
Following the expansion program at Kiwi Dairies, (now Fonterra) 1997.

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