Prosolve Ltd provides International investigative services with an emphasis in forensic engineering & air accident investigation. 

We also provide mechanical design and project management services in the mining, steel, petrochemical, pulp and paper and dairy industries.

Prosolve regularly provides engineering advice in the context of marine, rail and air transport accidents ... read more
Our Services

Air Accident Investigation

We provide comprehensive Air Accident Investigation services and are experienced in the investigation of both aeroplane and helicopter air accidents and incidents. In the past many of these investigations have been undertaken in accordance with procedures set out by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) which emphasises accident prevention as opposed to blame.

It is not possible to issue safety recommendations without considering the sometimes complex and intricate human factors involved. We are able to identify and assess these difficult factors in a manner that properly represents the interests of those involved in the accident, without losing the opportunity to research and summarise lessons needed to prevent future accidents.

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Forensic Engineering

We provide an in depth and detailed analysis of engineering failures, accidents, safety incidents and contractual issues.  We work in both legal and safety environments with metallurgists, other engineers and lawyers in order to provide a holistic and comprehensive service that bridges any gaps between different engineering disciplines and separate technical issues.

Our specialist fields are:
  • Safety/accident investigations: Investigating accidents and major safety incidents that have a significant engineering component, with the prime purpose of advising recommendations in order to prevent a recurrence.
  • Insurance and Litigation claims: Providing engineering advice and expert witness services to lawyers, loss adjusters and insurance companies in relation to either insurance or litigation claims.
  • Dispute resolution, Industrial projects: Providing engineering and contractual advice to dispute resolution practitioners and assisting with the resolution of disputes in either conventional or alternative dispute resolution processes.
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Mechanical Design & Product Development

Prosolve Ltd provides the following design and product development services:
  • Mechanical design of steamlines, pressure vessels, boiler parts and steamlines
  • Design of rotating machine elements
  • Thermal design and boiler problem solving in association with Parsons Boiler and Thermal Design Consultants, Sydney.
  • Research and Product Development with respect to machine design and industrial processes.
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Industrial Project Management

We offer the following project management services in both light and heavy process industries:
  • Implementation and execution of project planning systems
  • Selection and management of cost tracking systems
  • Fast track and 'Hands On' project management
  • Planning and management of industrial plant shutdowns
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Fox Glacier Air Crash

Recently TV3's Third Degree investigated the 2010 Fox Glacier air crash that killed nine people. Families are now demanding a new investigation after 3rd Degree reporter Michael Morrah enlisted the help of top accident investigators to dig up the remains of the aircraft and look for new evidence.

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High Profile Cases

Devon Plane Crash
Warbird Devon Crash on Runway

On the 3rd of February 2006, A warbirds Devon crashed on landing at Ohakea aerodrome. Fortunately no one was injured.  It had diverted there due to bad weather and the NZ CAA had charged the pilot with “Unnecessary endangerment” which the CAA alleged had crashed because of pilot error and which was supposedly related to the pilot pushing bad weather inappropriately.

In May 2008 Andrew McGregor proved in court that the crash was not caused by pilot error.. read more.

Engineers Cleared in Helicopter Crash Probe

The NZ Transport Accident Investigation Commission (TAIC) engaged Prosolve Ltd to review a helicopter crash investigation that it had previously conducted.. read more.

Passengers Escape from Burning Train

An engine of a passenger train caught fire resulting in the passenger compartments being evacuated. The New Zealand Transport Accident Investigation Commission (TAIC) engaged Prosolve Ltd to determine the cause of the fire.. read more.

"Andrew McGregor’s forensic work was invaluable in helping me to defend my innocence. His work was truly comprehensive and compelling; Not knowing why my plane crashed, but being certain that I had acted at all times beyond criticism, I hired Andrew McGregor to determine the cause of the crash and to help defend my innocence against the CAA who had charged me with the criminal offence of “Unnecessary endangerment”.

Andrew proved that the crash was caused by.. Read more
-Paul Jones, Pilot